CRIAQ is a unique model for collaborative research conducted by companies of all sizes, with involvement from universities and research centres.

The Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) is a non-profit organization (NPO) formed in 2002 with financial support from the Government of Quebec. CRIAQ’s mission is to boost the industry’s competitive edge and improve its collective knowledge base in this sector through enhanced student education.


Collaborative research

Conducting targeted, industry-driven collaborative research projects.


Creating novel processes and concepts applicable to future aerospace industry components and products, placing particular emphasis on the protection of intellectual property.

Training of highly qualified personnel

Enhancing the technical and professional skills of tomorrow’s aerospace researchers.


Increasing the visibility of the challenges inherent to design and research in the field of aerospace among the scientific community and students.

National and international collaborations

Undertaking international collaborative research projects through participation in Canadian, US, European and other international programs.

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